Muscat Shine Grapes in Yamanashi Prefecture and Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

Shine Muscat is a type of grape that big, seedless, and high grade of sweet. Shine muscat is rich of vitamins C, B6, magnesium, iron, potassium. Especially, Yamanashi and Okayama grapes is rich of polyphenols that help preventing heart diseases.

Yamanashi and Okayama Prefectures are the “grape regions” of Japan

Yamanashi is located in Chubu, Japan, famous with Mount Fuji as a destination. The cool climate is favorable for grape field cultivating. In particular, Yamanashi has the sweetest fresh water source in Japan due to ice melting from Mount Fuji. High mountainous terrain speeds up the stream, that lower the Mg2 + in the water. Sloping mountain terrain is particularly advantageous for grape growing along hillsides because water flows down to the foot of the mountain that providing sufficient water for irrigation but no stagnant water. Being blessed with its climate, water and soil, Yamanashi grape is always sweet and high quality.

Yamanashi has variety of famous grape types such as Koshu grape, Black Kyoho grape, Pione grape, and especialy Shine Muscat grape which is known as queen of fruits. Yamanashi grapes are larger than ordinary grapes, sometimes equal a peach size, sweet, and easy to peel. The province also develope wine production with the well-known Suntory Hakushu Factory. Grape season is usually from June to November.

Okayama Prefecture is as famous as Yamanashi with its variety of grape. Okayama Prefecture is known as the “Sunny Land” of Japan with half side is the mountain and hot springs, and the other side is Seto Inland Sea. The climate is relatively cool, sunny days suitable for planting and grow grapes. This is the first area of ​​Japan that successfully grow Shine Muscat grape. Okayama proudly introduces black Aurora and Shine Muscat. Harvest season is from mid May to late October.

Shine Muscat is the big type of grape, seedless, and high grade of sweet. With low acid, it creates a sense of freshness and sweetness. Harvested from the beginning of June to the end of October.

In addition to the sweet taste, Shine Musscat grapes is focused on its nutritional quality that healthy for women and children such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, potassium. Inaddition, Yamanashi and Okayama’s grapes is rich of polyphenols that help preventing heart diseases.

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