Distribution & Retails

  • Exclusive distribution: JOC has been an exclusive distributor of some Japanese branches such as:(Detail)
    • CURE (exclusive distributor in Vietnam).
    • AFC
    •  Z… (exclusive distributor in ASIAN countries).
    • GH Creation EX (exclusive distributor in Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • Distribution of export goods from Japan to Vietnam: JOC combines and links to several retail companies in Vietnam includes Mother and child shops, Japanese product selling shops, and Cosmetic shops… to create a network in the distribution of direct export goods such as:
    • Milk
    • Diaper
    • Supplement
    • Các loại collagen

        Retails: JOC provide high quality products such as brand watch , golf, camera, and other luxury goods to final consumers. The customer can get advice and make order by JOC web page.